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IDG: Insights, Intent, and Engagement

Over the past 50 years, IDG has grown into the world's leading technology media, data and marketing services company, with a multi-billion dollar revenue, reaching technology audiences in 97 countries.


In a world that is constantly evolving, IDG brings clarity on every technology change and the impact it has on businesses and personal lives. Through our websites and events, IDG provides the insights that tech buyers need to put technology to work in their professional and personal lives.


With a comprehensive portfolio spanning digital, video, and events, IDG’s global media brands such as CIO, Computerworld, ChannelWorld and CSO accelerate purchasing for the entire spectrum of enterprise tech buyers.


CIO.in is the trusted, community destination for Indian CIOs to connect on key issues and business challenges. It focuses on addressing Business, Technology & Leadership issues by showcasing real people, real problems, and real solutions. It is designed to optimize their time even while delving deep into a specific are of interest.

Since 1967, Computerworld has been the Voice of IT management and covers the spectrum of IT Decision Makers. It is trusted by an audience of 12 million enterprise-level IT managers for industry insight, a peer perspective on IT leadership and real-world strategies for implementing technology solutions across 47 countries.

CSO equips security end-users confronting all operational risk management disciplines —corporate and IT security, fraud and loss prevention, privacy, business continuity and more — with information of unparalleled depth and insight to support their decisions and investments.

ChannelWorld.in is the business information source for the Enterprise IT Channel fraternity, providing comprehensive coverage of technology, business and market issues to VARs, system integrators and independent software vendors. The brand is a trusted source by this community in 22 countries.


Our premium first-party data—collected from digital content interactions, demand generation and events—forms a detailed picture of our users’ purchasing intent at a global scale.


Marketers rely on IDG’s rich and exclusive first-party data to reach and influence audiences during the purchase process, and build and extend audiences specific to their requirements. We monitor behavior at an account-based level to identify in-market purchase intent and buying teams researching technology products and services across the globe.

IDG Connect offers demand generation in 147 countries via our database of 44 million IT and business decision-makers.



We create custom content-driven campaigns across video, mobile, social, digital and research.




Content loaded with experience—we’ve been creating technology content for more than 50 years.


Content created from expertise—IDG is the # 1 technology media company in the world.


Content that builds trust between buyers and brands drives quality engagement, leading to quality acquisition.




IDG events allow tech marketers to better understand their audience and have a dialogue that increases brand loyalty and leads to sales opportunities. The strength of IDG’s relationship with this audience is unmatched, allowing us to get the right people in a room to meet your specific marketing needs.

CIO Summit is a gathering of CIOs and senior IT executives that provides a platform to share ideas and to establish a peer-to-peer community. Running in India for the sixth year in succession, the event provides thought-provoking and actionable insights by industry leading analysts from IDC.

28 Feb - 1 Mar, Kolkata

The ChannelWorld Premier 100 Awards felicitates India’s leading Enterprise IT Channel partners for their role in growing the IT business. Started in 2009, ChannelWorld Premier 100 Awards has become an industry benchmark for excellence in the Indian IT channel space.

23 - 24 May, New Delhi

IDG Security Day is a series of events across the globe on the 21st of June. The series will kick off as the day begins in Australia and New Zealand, touch down in India and continue on all the way till the US. It will be the premier event for security executives to exchange ideas and best practices with peers.

20 - 21 June, New Delhi

CIO100 is the acknowledged mark of excellence in enterprise IT and was ranked by CEOs among the top 10 most influential corporate scorecards globally. This proud tradition of recognizing CIOs began in the USA over 25 years ago and is now a celebrated annual event across continents. It is, undoubtedly, the most powerful gathering of India’s top IT leaders.

5 - 6 Sep, New Delhi

CIO Year Ahead is an annual, immersive and interactive conference that provides CIOs practical ways to lead transformation and future-proof their organizations. It is a 2-day residential event scheduled at a premium property in different cities every year, where chosen CIOs from top enterprises across the country congregate, contemplate and plan for the upcoming year.

4 - 6 Dec, Vizag


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