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Bangalore (Headquarters) 49, Geetha Building, 3rd Cross, Mission Road,
(Inside Woodlands Hotel Premises) Bangalore - 560027

Bangalore - 080 - 3053 0300
Mumbai - 022 - 3068 5000
Gurgaon - 0124 - 4626256
Chennai & Hyderabad - +91 - 98491 28646


Large Format Events

IDG skilfully delivers mega-events spanning across days for those who seek to position their brand in the most effective way before the best audience of the country. The vast range of events includes conferences, fora, summits along with programs as unconventional as Data Center inauguration.

EMC Forum and Inauguration of the Schneider Electric Services Bureau are some of the examples of IDG's large scale event offerings.

CIO Exchange

IDG offers a unique platform for marketers which includes a brief interview of and talk by a key personality of their organisation. A small gathering of top CIOs of India serve as an audience at the event. This is not only one of the best platforms available for a company to augment its brand image but also build long sustainable relationships between key personalities in the company and CIOs.


A unique platform that can be used to produce and distribute quality video content that aligns with client domain. Videos could include text, case studies, interviews etc. All logistics, editing and packaging of the video are carried out by IDG, including studio and equipment management


Using interactive elements, clients can reach prospects in a wider geographic area by hosting a webinar on our websites. We also provide useful insights such as identifying prospective leads, the audience who viewed the webinar and their business card details.


Face-to-face events provide the peer interaction needed for the IT community to do their job effectively. As the leading producer of events in the B2B tech sector, IDG allows you to create your own, turnkey event that best fits your marketing goals.


Our custom events let you lead discussions with the IT decision-makers you need to reach.


Leverage our expertise in the industry to create a custom event to meet your needs.


IDG India's online presence is manifested by three highly acclaimed websites -, and - all three of them catering to specific audience pools.


For the technology marketers, IDG India offers a wide array of marketing solutions. Some of them are:

Case Studies

Create brand awareness and become a thought leader by promoting existing written assets or utilize our in-house professionals to build and showcase assets online effectively.

Executive Interviews

Written or edited by IDG and by-lined by your company’s CEO or other prominent spokesperson, Executive Interviews showcase your leader’s technology vision, insights on coming trends or provocative points of view.

Content Marketing

An invaluable way to connect with a large and targeted audience. In today’s environment, complexity is the new normal and we figure out the best way forward for you.


The state-of-the-art technology at IDG India allows marketers to deploy global campaigns in India with ease.

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