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Utilize Our State-of-the-Art Technology

DG TechNetwork provides first to market advertising solutions for technology marketers with one goal in mind – keeping our clients one step ahead of the rapidly evolving digital market. With 570 enterprise, consumer and gaming sites, IDG TechNetwork complements IDG media brands by identifying and reaching all segments within the technology marketplace.


Most advertising networks look at technology as a single category. IDG TechNetwork views the marketplace as a collection of vertical markets, each with its own specific information needs and sources. We take pride in connecting marketers with the largest and most enthused technology audience across the web.


Here are some key highlights of IDG TechNetwork:

  • 130 Million Unique Visitors

  • 570 Tech Focused Websites

  • 3 Audience Networks

  • 52 Buying Intent Channels

Whether you are seeking buyers of virtualization systems, data center equipment, tech gadget users or PC Gamers, the IDG TechNetwork has the channel for you. We have sorted through thousands of technology websites and identified publishers that meet standards set by IDG over several decades of award winning technology reporting. With the IDG TechNetwork, advertising appears on the appropriate sites and is optimized to meet agreed upon marketing requirements.

IDG TechNetwork contains three unique content networks which include the web's best and most-visited tech sites.

IDGTN Enterprise

The heart of the IT economy is the businesses, educational institutions and government organizations that purchase technology in volume. From ERP to SaaS, Cloud Computing to Data Center Servers, IDG Tech Network reaches every level of the IT organization to help drive sales of your product.

40 Million Unique Visitors 

300 Million Impressions

16 Minutes Average Time Spent

IDGTN Tech Enthusiast

Prosumers, the digerati, whatever you call them, they are the audience you want to reach in order to drive the success of your consumer technology products. They adopt technology early, they recommend technology to their peers and colleagues and most importantly, they spend money on technology year-round.

70 Million Unique Visitors

500 Million Impressions

14 Minutes Average Time Spent

IDGTN Digital Lifestyle & Gaming

Gamers are everyone — men, women, girls, boys, families, seniors. Consumers are spending more of their entertainment dollars on games than on any other form of entertainment, and the industry is expected to continue its explosive growth over the next few years. From consoles to PDAs, movies to music, MMOs to in-game ads, games can bring your business to the next level.

20 Million Unique Visitors

400 Million Impressions


Bangalore (Headquarters) 49, Geetha Building, 3rd Cross, Mission Road,
(Inside Woodlands Hotel Premises) Bangalore - 560027

Bangalore - 080 - 3053 0300
Mumbai - 022 - 3068 5000
Gurgaon - 0124 - 4626256
Chennai & Hyderabad - +91 - 98491 28646

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